Tempelhof Ministry of Food 2010

The proposal in Berlin is the culmination of the continuous theme of Food and the community, starting from the Miracle of feeding the 5000, a mythical settlement, the Berlin Airlift, and finally the Ministry of Food.

Tempelhof Ministry of Food is a bread and fish production community situated on the old airfield of Tempelhof Airport. The proposal is a joint venture between Edeka and the Berlin State, seeking to help Berlin's current problems of unemployment and social disparity. It aims at the idea of making the unemployed personally sustainable through producing their own food and whilst being a worker in-residence, foster a spirit of co-existence and community, which they bring back to other Berliners.

Tempelhof from the air  

Edeka moves into Tempelhof  

Central Dining Hall, Sorting Hub  

A bread and fish module  

Inside a Module  

First warm day of the year  

The Ministry of Food calls for workers

Next to my grandfather, my father  


Plan of Modules + Axonometric plan of Central Dining Hall/Sorting Hub

Section through a Module